Agnes Obel – Myopia – Review

Myopia, Agnes Obel’s fourth album, is an ethereal work of art that takes listeners on a dreamlike journey throughout its nearly 40-minute runtime. I’ve recently become acquainted with Obel, thanks to the brilliantly-picked music from Netflix’s Dark. Obel’s song “Familiar” plays over a particularly crucial scene in the show’s first season. It was this song that piqued my interest and, after listening to “Familiar” a few dozen times, I decided to check out what else Obel has produced. To my surprise, I found that she released a new album earlier this year. I delved into this new album and was immediately taken aback by the beautiful arrangements, eerie vocal edits, and Obel’s mesmerizing voice. Standout track, “Broken Sleep,” can very well be the best song I’ve heard this year. The piano melody, plucked cellos, and Obel’s dreamy voice all come together to take the listener away to a far off land. 

As a huge Kate Bush fan, it’s hard for my mind not to subconsciously compare Obel’s work to Bush’s. The instrumental “Roscian” is particularly reminiscent of 50 Words for Snow, but Obel’s work is uniquely her own creation.

This album is very easily my current Album of the Year.

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