Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club: A Retrospective

The year is 2019 and a new Bombay Bicycle Club album is imminent. Their last album, 2014’s So Long See You Tomorrow can be seen as a promise from the band itself. Yes, they did take a five-year hiatus/break but they will eventually see us again, in the eventual “tomorrow.” So, as we wait with bated breath to hear what the boys have in store for us, I decided to do a small retrospective on their four albums.


Dark: On Its Way to Becoming a Netflix Cult Classic

Dark is, far and away, the best thing Netflix has ever released. Sure, I haven’t watched every single Netflix original but Dark exemplifies a quality of film making that goes above and beyond any regular streaming fare. The cinematography, casting, directing, acting, and writing are all master classes in film making. Today, however, I’ll just focus on the impact Dark will have on the future of Netflix.

El Paso band Medvedi sittin on a rock in Soledad Canyon in Las Cruces New Mexico

Medvedi: The Nature of Unwinding

Medvedi is an Americana punk four-piece based out of El Paso, Texas. The band—comprised of Ben Balusek, Ernie Carillo, Chris Odom, and Andy Chavez—are gearing up to release their second full-length album, Unwind, this summer. With another full-length album and a split under their belt, the quartet met with me after practice one Wednesday night to discuss their newest album, the dynamics between the members, and the future of the band itself.