The Mind’s Typhoon

Featured Image Credit:
Falling Girls“ by Manddy Wyckens is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Let’s say, for a moment, that you are being held in the hand of some giant beast. Although the beast’s hand is soft and comfortable, you’re feeling anything but. This isn’t King Kong. In fact, you have no idea who the beast is. All you know is that you’re small enough to be held in the beast’s hand and that’s exactly what’s going on at this precise moment. So let’s imagine that.

You’re high above the world. You lean over the beast’s grasp to take a look down but all you see is clouds. Clouds far, far below you. You look up but all you see is black, matted fur going for an eternity. You see no sight of the beast’s face. But something within you, that voice you hear from time to time, let’s you know that you are—in fact—being held by some beast and you’re currently traveling incredibly fast towards some unknown location.

But Where Are You Going?

At this point, you feel the cool breeze flow through your long auburn hair. You almost cut it off last week but you decided not to and now you’re happy with your decision. You probably look super great with your hair flowing in the air. Like a model or an actor in a hair product commercial. After your small encounter with narcissism, you look down and notice that you’re basically tethered to the beast’s hand. But what tethers you? You feel a thick rope wrapped snugly around you. But upon closer inspection, you realize it’s, in fact, the beast’s hair. As you look across the hand, which is a pretty wide sight to behold, you notice there’s a small (pillow-shaped) tuft. You crawl over to it and rest your head on it. Some fur from the beast’s hand suddenly convenes and creates a blanket, which covers you warmly and snugly. You sigh, you think about how odd and absurd this is then your little voice says, calmly but sternly. “You’re so comfortable right now. Don’t make a big deal about it, Karen. Just go to sleep.”

And, so, you go to sleep.